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Our Program, ICAN

At WWG2, we  pride ourselves in helping Veterans create and sustain a healthy lifestyle after returning home from war. Every warrior has a next mission. We know that the transition to civilian life is a journey, and that journey looks different for every Veteran. 


ICAN seeks to equip our Veterans with career level skills in solar installation, energy efficiency, weatherization and  retrofitting skills so that they may obtain green job readiness and become self-sufficient community leaders. The goal is to empower our Veterans while addressing the issues of air pollution, energy burden and unemployment that impact our communities.

Farming Dreams

COVID-19 showed us that we were unprepared to meet our communities’ food needs. Our upcoming project, scheduled to begin in 2023, Farming Dreams seeks to address food insecurity through food sovereignty.  In January 2023, WWG2 and community stakeholders will be designing new housing and an urban farmhouse with the assistance of MASS Design Group, an architectural firm from Massachusetts.  We are also working with the founder of TorpedoPot, to pilot a containerized self-growing gardening system in our urban farmhouse. 


The goal of Farming Dreams is to educate and provide resources to our communities for growing wholesome organic foods that will nourish, sustain and heal our bodies and minds. We are declaring "Food not Famine.”

Image by Markus Spiske
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