In 2007, after completing a housing upgrade for a friend's son, the same Veterans asked if there was another 'green' project for them to work on.  We created the "We Want Green, too" team and designed our version of a sustainable, "green "house on the Eastside of Detroit.  The 'why' of this project speaks to the outcomes we witnessed after six months of part-time work with the Jackson, Michigan house upgrade. The Veterans involved in the work were total strangers living in a Veteran shelter. They all had a series of similar conditions: depression, low self-esteem, addictions, broken spirits, and hearts, suffering from PTSD, longing for camaraderie, and a more wholesome life.


The journey continues...


So we worked and recreated a little bungalow on the Eastside of Detroit into a green, energy-efficient home, using green materials, recycled materials, expertise from retired contractors, and the courage of men, who would not give up and we designed an affordable East Side home that has been viewed by many people from around

the country and the world.  We learned what was possible and started dreaming


Today Post COVID 19

    As the journey continues, with plans to begin to restore the blighted housing on the block, life changed, and in the middle of the challenges, we were confronted with COVID 19, the disease associated with the Coronavirus.  The onset of this global pandemic has changed the landscape of not just Detroit but the world.  Everything is different, we watched everyday people become first responders, creating mutual aid organizations that reached out to help each other in the spirit of humanity.  We took our new stand, we saw clearly the new work ahead of us, the real needs of the people and we have restructured our programs to answer the call of the community that we will not be unprepared, again.

      We have new members with exciting ideas, new collaborations to address the shortfalls in this, and future crises that may befall our communities.  We must be prepared!


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