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We Want Green Too, a nonprofit organization whose mission is to “re-educate, re-train and

re-build a 21st-century, sustainable Detroit.” Gloria is working to assemble various teams with all the basic skills to make crumbling homes livable: dry walling, painting, floor repair, and so on.


In addition to veterans, she’s finding craftsmen among former prison inmates, recovering addicts, and other un- or underemployed Detroiters.


“You have people who are challenged, they don’t have jobs. Why not make their jobs re-structuring their own communities?” says Gloria.

Work, Reimagined: Detroit Gets Creative

We Want Green, Too:

Gloria Lowe Reinvents Work

For Herself And Her Community

Perhaps no city in America has been hit as hard, or for as long, as Detroit.


We’ve been hearing about unemployment, vacant lots and poverty coming out of the motor city for decades. After an accident at an auto plant, Gloria Lowe became one such visionary, reinventing the way she approaches work and her community.


After an accident at an auto plant, Gloria Lowe became one such visionary, reinventing the way she approaches work and her community.


Detroit. My town. This was the beginning of it all, the assembly line, automation and the Ford automobile. Five dollars a day Henry Ford was paying proclaiming that the workers would buy what they made and of course, they did and began to live a life designed and defined by him.

Home of the UAW (United Automobile Workers) a young union that with the help from new Blacks migrating North for good factory jobs and a higher standard of living, fought for and created the ‘middle class’ changing the quality of life for Detroiters and later, America and the rest of the world.

Building the New Detroit

Salute to Our Heros Golf Tournament


Charlie Sifford Jr. is the son of Dr. Charlie Sifford, the first Black to play on the PGA Tour. He is carrying on his father's legacy. We are proud to have him as our Honorary Chairperson for the 2024 Salute to Our Heroes, 3rd annual golf fundraiser supporting Veterans and their families.

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We Want Green, Too:

Gloria Lowe Discusses The Meaning Behind WWG2 And The Future Of Detroit

We Want Green, Too is just one of many ways that Detroiters are working to take their city’s future into their own hands—to create livelihoods more sustainable than those that have disappeared. As Gloria continues to work on the housing end, her friends and neighbors are busy growing a local, sustainable food system (there are now over 1,600 farms and gardens in Detroit, producing over 3 tons of food annually, nurturing a new education paradigm, and creating social enterprises that build community and capital). 

This interview consisted of 5 women who reflected on their experience of this pivotal time in Detroit. What was the impact on them? In what ways did it shape their community engagement? Listen to their stories in this heartfelt interview.

Great Lakes Bioneers Detroit - Revolution to Evolution

Panel: 1967 Revolution to Evolution 2017


Guest speakers at the Reimagining Work Conference will include Grace Lee Boggs, Gar Alperovitz, Frank Joyce, Jenny Lee, Ron Scott, Gloria Lowe, Judith Snow and more. They will shine a spotlight on community-driven efforts to address the profound opportunities offered by the accelerating decline of the job-based economy.

Gloria Lowe was one of the prime movers in the planning group. Her business focuses on building sustainable urban communities through training in the skills necessary to remodel and build green living spaces in an affordable way. The trainees tend to be disabled veterans, citizens returning to the city after incarceration, and homeless people.


Gloria's Glow

How one woman is

re-imagining the possibilities of living, working, and building a sustainable Detroit.


Heart & Soul

She has been at the heart and soul of a largely hidden story inside Detroit’s evolution from economic collapse to rebirth.



Learn How You Can Help Our Veterans

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